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CrossManager V2014.3


- 3DM:
Fixed a bug of units
Added reading of meshes with double precision doubles

Added metadata from header as "Header : Originating System", "Header : Preprocessor Version" and "Header : Date Created"
Fixed geometry revolution surface problem
Improved reading of conical surfaces
Added support for new attributes

- Catia V5
Added the R24 support (called CATIA V5-6R2014).
- Improvement in the computation of piping geometries.
- Store new information in Dtk_pipe_fiber_segment:
- _sectionSetPoint available with get_section_set_point method give the reference point of the fiber segment
- _turnRadius available with get_TurnRadius method correspond to the turnRadius after the fiber segment
- _orientationPlane available with get_OrientationPlane method give the orientation of the section for the fiber segment
- 2D: Added option to filter or not 2D Detail Sheets from CATDrawing files. Please use catiav5r_SetCfgV52dFilterDetailSheets function to handle filtering.

Added support of Xline curves
Added color on wireframe entities
Fixed u closed polygon meshes
Fixed bad placement for wireframe entities
Fixed corrupt lines due to empty direction

- Inventor
Added support for Inventor 2015 (parts and assemblies)
Fixed placement of component into component pattern of component pattern
Improved reading of sheet metal parts
Fixed case of loft surfaces

- Proe/Creo
Add Cabling module read as Dtk_featurePtr type pipe
Reading of the tesselate representation of the model (if in the file)
Breaks in witness line of dimension are now processed.
Process of symetrical tolerance improve

- Solidedge
Add metadata category as "Summary" , "Custom" , "Project" , "Material"
Add metadata from View and Markup as "CAD_DENSITY" , "CAD_SURFACE_AREA" ,...
Fixed geometry bspline surface problem

- Solidworks
Added feature hole reading
Added unicode string reading for Drawings
Added sheet scale reading for Drawings
Fixed problem with multi-configuration assembly
Fixed geometry bspline surface problem
Fixed color and visibility problem
Fixed precision unit error on PMI

- Step
Step Reader now supports reentry (to allow calling from another Reader)
Improvement on external references (optimisation; FDT are read from all the files)
Added reading of TRANSPARENCY
Improved reading of FDT as polylines
Updated checking of validation properties for assemblies and FDT
Protection on wrongly written construction geometries
Protection on wrongly written External Element Reference
Added reading assembly from Smaragd (uses a specific construct with PRODUCT_DEFINITION_WITH_ASSOCIATED_DOCUMENTS )
Fixed a case of helicoidal surface (with tight coils)
Fixed case of spherical surface (with wrong axis)
Connector type now managed also for TESSELLATED geometries

- Unigraphics
Add metadata category
Add persistent identifier on PMI
Add real value on dimension
Correct name of axis system from fetaure definition
Correct unicode string on text
Correct Dtk_AxisSystemPtr position for inch unit
Fixed geometry bspline surface problem
Fixed explosion and arrangement link
Fixed build assembly crash
Improved modeldisplay with multi_arrangement
Remove duplicate metadata

- XmtReader (PSKERNEL based Parasolid Reader):
Fixed geometry bspline surface problem

- PsReader (Datakit Parasolid Reader)
Speed ehancement.
geometry better results

- JT
PMI semantic datas into information field
glitchs corrections
Axis Reading

- Catia V5
Added support of Parameters writing. Please use catiav5w::AddDoubleParameter catiav5w::AddIntegerParameter catiav5w::AddBooleanParameter catiav5w::AddStringParameter.

- Pdf
Fixed camera problem

- Step
Reworked the documentation and programming example for writing STEP
Added writing of TRANSPARENCY (AP242 only)
Improved writing of MetaData as User Defined Attributes
Improved case of Node Connector on Construction Geometry
Protected writing of Texts (FDT) against wrong size of character
Writing CALLOUT as INVISIBLE if it is
Improved decoding of FDT semantics to write in STEP, completed modifiers on dimensions
Fixed writing of "common datum" of a FCF
Improved writing of units (to be unique in the STEP file)
For FDT, if no Node Connector provided, using the (old) list of geometrical links of the FDT
For FDT, improved writing of colors (color of a FDT is default for its sub-parts)

- Xmt Spreading node name to associated body when body has no name

- Jt
PMI writing more semantics
Axis write