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SpinFire Professional V10.8


The Installation
Version 10.8 can be installed side-by-side with previous releases of SpinFire, such as 9.0 and 8.x. The presence of Version 10.x is detected upon
installation and upgraded, thereby providing fixes to current SpinFire 10.x users. The current configuration of importers and plug-ins is
also detected on installation, and relevant components are updated.
Issues Addressed
Pro/E 0402.prt.1 arm1.asm.1 camera1.asm.1 failing to open some WildFire 5 files
ProE left-hand-drive-dunnage.prt.55 file would not open
FpdCompany-412Z0601-17 ---.CATPart Catia V5 not highlighting annotation in workspace when selected from the annotation tree
SolidEdge 42167.asm - File crashes SFP with stack overflow {not fixed on st5}
SolidEdge IKD10001GS.par and IKD1002GS.par files load with just blue background, but nothing is showing except the arrows. {unfixed
A Catia v5 sub-assembly is being imported as a single part (1_1*.catpart). The part list for the sub assembly does not appear in SpinFire.
From the JT file, aflx1300_4_assy_design_SHOP.jt, the assembly tree part names import into SF 10.1 incorrectly.
Catia V4 3d Import will get no assembly tree, only surfaces
File, 2638a.sat, never finishes publishing/opening. {techsoft 21761 and 21385}
Multi-Component CATIA V5R22 .CATPart Opens as Single Part
Assembly structure in CatiaV5 files - missing deeper entries