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3D_Evolution 2013


3D_Evolution 2013: nuova release disponibile

Nuove funzionalità in 3D_Evolution 2013:

  • Simplification can generate a mixed geometry : tessellation and exact, to reduce the size of the models while keeping their important parts.
  • Simplification by creation of the shrink wrap of a model.
  • Creation of different types of minimum bounding shape of model: box, cone, cylinder, pyramid, convex or concave polyhedron.
  • Save image in batch.



  • Improved reading of pipes and attributes in Cadds files.
  • Improved reading of pipes in Catia V5 files.
  • Reading of Catia V5 publications.
  • Improved speed of CATPart and CATProduct writing.
  • Reading Catia V6 2013 R213 files (BRep and features).
  • Reading Pro/Engineer Creo 2.0 M050 files (BRep and features).
  • Reading sketch constraints in Pro/Engineer files.
  • Reading and writing Xt BRep of Jt files.
  • Reading Inventor 2013 files (BRep).
  • Reading SolidWorks 2013 files (BRep and features).
  • Reading Siemens NX8.5 files (BRep and features).


Feature Based Conversion

  • Migration of 3D PMI with links to related topological or geometrical entities,
  • Improvement of migration of 2D Drawings with associative links to 3D models including 2D PMI,
  • Updated writing plug-in for Pro/Engineer Creo 2 (32 bits and 64 bits),
  • New writing plug-in for Siemens NX8.5 (64 bits),
  • New writing plug-in for Inventor 2013 (32 bits and 64 bits),
  • New writing plug-in for SolidWorks 2013 (64 bits).