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3D_Analyzer 2012


3D_Analyzer 2012: the new benchmark for 3D Viewer

With unique analysis functions, native interfaces for all major CAD formats, and a completely new, intuitive graphical interface of 3D_Analyzer is the reference.

• CATIAV4/V5/V6 • NX • ProEngineer/Creo • SolidWorks
• Inventor • XT • SAT • STEP • JT ... and many others
• Measuring and Redlining
• Display of the CAD Features and Parameters
• Display of PMI, Metadata und Dimensions
• Saving of 3D PDF und JT files
• Dynamic sectional planes
• Userdefined Views
• Calculation of Volume, Surface, Bounding Box
• VDA 4955/2 Quality Checker
• Geometry comparison
• Comparison of Assembly Structure and PMI
• Wall thickness checker
• Viewer-Format with complete content
• Floating-Lizenzserver und Dongle-Lizenzen

64 Bit power and special envelope geometry representation* for fast visualization with very large models.