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3D_EVOLUTION 2012 SP1: new important functions


3D_Evolution 2012 SP1: new important functions
Improving the functionality of modules such as the Simplifier and the analyze functions, the FEM tools, as well as the updating our numerous native CAD interfaces has been the development focus for this version.
The Simplifier was extended by several functions, among other things, it is now possible to exclude parts from simplification or remove them by their color or name. The "Simplify all in one Step" option cuts Shaft and Screws and only keeps the areas on the outside of the model. A new super powerful and easy to use Boolean Union Function helps user to merge all Bodies of an Assembly into one Volume Solid within shortest space of time. Completely new in 3D_Evolution 2012 is also the possibility to create so called bounding boxes. You can either create boxes, which reflect an approximate representation of the body or Convex hulls for a more detailed approach to the original shape. This function is now completed by a algorithm to calculate the minimum Bounding Box of parts and Assemblies used for packaging purposes.
There are also many new features in the FEM Tools Module, which are now capable to de-feature, merge, flat and to manipulate faces by a simple push of a button to prepare Models for calculation faster and even more efficient. The Analyzer Functions benefit from a new graphic outfit making the use and the evaluation of the results created by Compare, Wallthickness, Collision Detection and Backlash Functions easier than before.
3D_Evolution 2012 supports the reading of Catia V5 R22, Siemens NX8, SolidWorks 2012, Pro / Engineer Creo 1.0 and 2.0, and many other formats.