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Nuova versione 2010 3D_Evolution


3D_Evolution 2010: anticipo novità nuova versione 2010

La release 2010 di 3D_Evolution sta completando i test operativi di funzionalità ed affidabilità ed il suo rilascio ufficiale ai clienti è previsto per il 31 maggio 2010.

Di seguito trovate alcune delle novità più importanti previste nella nuova release:

New functionalities:

1. 64 bits Versions.
2. New 3D_Evolution Analyzer.
3. Improved comparison function with enhanced reporting and analysis capabilities.
4. New Thickness checker function.
5. New collision detection function.
6. New Compute section curves function.
7. New batch functions call (directory scanning, call of script inside a script).
8. New licensing system.
9. New Coordinate systems creation function.


1. Reading of ProEngineer Wildfire 5 files, including features and PMI.
2. Reading of SolidWorks version 2009 and 2010 files, including PMI (but not the dimensions).
3. JTOpen API version 5, including PMI. Problems with x_t BREP solved.
4. Reading of compressed VRML files.
5. Reading of single precision CADDS parts.

Feature Based conversion:

1. Reading of features in Ideas files.
2. Improved display of Features in Graphical window (links between feature and geometry, feature parameters edition, sketch edition).
3. Updated plug-ins.
4. New NX6, SolidWorks 2010 and CATIA V5R19 support.
5. 64 bits support for SolidWorks and CATIA V5 plug-ins.

PMI & Annotations:

1. Improved display of PMI and Annotations.
2. Maintain links between PMI and geometric data.
3. Edition/ creation of PMI, annotations and measures.
4. PMI Comparison.

Enterprise Batchmanager:

1. New redesigned client graphical interface.
2. Server can be used as a windows service.