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3DViewStation Desktop v2019 Release

22.02.20193DViewStation V2019


Rilasciata la nuova release 3DViewStation Desktop v2019, i numerosi miglioramenti presenti in questa release sono descritti di seguito.
Scarica la SUBITO la nuova versione 

?New and updated file formats:
  • Import 3D: Inventor 2019, SolidWorks 2019, Solid Edge 2019, Parasolid V31, Revit 2019, FBX, glTF, JT 10.2, OBJ, 3DS, Collada, Lidar point clouds
  • Import 2D: Catia V5 R28 (V5-6R2018), Catia V6 R2017x, Creo 4.0 / ProE, NX12, SolidEdge ST10, Solidworks 2018 Export: JavaScript for 3D-PDF, IFC, FBX, JT 10, OBJ??
New and updated functions
  • neutral axis calculation with tesselated data
  • Real time wall thickness measurement
  • drill hole recognition
  • split
  • technical documentation:
  • BOM table: interactive BOM ID generation
  • BOM table: automatic ID generation
  • Ballooning: arrangement as line, rectangle, circle
  • Ballooning: automatic re-arrangement during rotation
  • options for shapes and lines for balloons
  • replace existing SMG files by 3DVS counterparts, limited to supported objects & properties
  • Printdialog:
  • Print range
  • Autorotate document
  • Tiled printing
  • Selection of all instances of a geometry
  • Filtering option: include / exclude unvisible objects
  • Rotation mode "Turntable"
  • 2D text search enhanced
  • Transformation: Align move circle center to circle center
  • Export PNG with transparent background
  • PDF template: configurable date
  • new options for license borrowing
  • Performance optimization:
  • tremendous increase in rendering speed of ultra large assemblies
  • calculation of Level of Detail (LoD)
  • possibility to remove normals (space saving)
  • optimization of instancing