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Press Release: Additive manufacturing of the future


The technology surrounding additive manufacturing is developing rapidly. In order to meet the increased demands of additive manufacturing, CoreTechnologie, the innovation company, has developed the pioneering 4D_Additive Manufacturing Software Suite and is presenting the brand new tool at the Formnext 2018 trade fair.

From 13 to 16 November 2018, the German-French software manufacturer CoreTechnologie (CT) will be presenting the new 4D_Additive Manufacturing Software Suite at the Formnextin Frankfurt trade fair. The German-French company has developed this powerful software to take account of the rapid development in additive manufacturing in the direction of small series production with a professional tool for 3D data preparation.

Exact geometry without deviations
The special feature of this trendsetting tool is that the CAD data of all common systems such as Catia, NX, Solidworks, Creo, STEP or JT are read with all manufacturing information (PMI) and processed as exact B-Rep geometry. This makes it possible to check, repair and prepare 3D models according to CAD engineering standards. With common 3D printing tools, CAD models are triangulated when they are read in, i.e. converted to STL, which means that it is not possible to repair the geometry in reality without deviations in shape. The exact geometry core of 4D_Additive, on the other hand, prevents deviations, since the CAD model remains based on the original geometry description until the end. During final slicing, optional vector graphics are generated, which are processed directly as exact curves depending on the machine type. The 4D_Additive tool supports 3MF, AMF and STL as output formats.

Innovative features
The new software features modern, easy-to-use graphics and innovative features such as 3D nesting, collision checking and distance control for automated and safe assembly of the installation space. With the help of the dynamic roughness analysis, the user can determine the optimum alignment of the components in seconds in order to generate the best possible surface. An additional module is used for the automatic generation of support geometry, which is particularly necessary with FDM and common laser sintering processes. The system's know-how database stores the common machine data and information on the respective process, so that important parameters are preset when the machine is selected.
CoreTechnologie is breaking new ground with a texture generation based on the exact geometry, whereby the transitions on the surfaces are defined very precisely and simply. More than 5,000 predefined textures are already available for the system. Especially in combination with high-resolution processes such as HP JetFusion, impressive components are created which CoreTechnologie will present at Formnext.

Automatic component search
Partfinder reads CAD files directly at file system level and analyzes geometry, design elements, PMI and attributes. All information is stored in the internal database. This is then filtered according to the desired search criteria with the aid of a freely definable search mask and clearly displayed in a list with a 3D graphic and all relevant information. Multiprocessor calculation allows components with 3D printing potential to be found quickly and easily, even in large databases.
CoreTechnologie can be found at Formnext 2018 in Hall 3.0, Stand C60. Further information is available at


Background Information

Since its foundation in 1998, the software manufacturer CoreTechnologie with locations in Germany, France, USA, Japan, Great Britain, Italy (Achelon) has been led by the managing directors Dominique Arnault and Armin Brüning. With innovative products, the visionary company has consistently optimised its product portfolio and secured the technological leadership in the area of conversion software. Each year, CoreTechnologie invests more than 30 per cent of sales in the research and implementation of new technologies and has the most complete product range in this field.

In the focus of technology development is the product line of “3D Evolution” which guarantees efficient and lossless exchange of complex data structures between independent and heterogeneous CAX software solutions. With extremely powerful native interfaces for all leading CAD systems and for conversion of all common 3D formats, the software module ensures optimal interoperability of most various IT solutions. 

Apart from providing visualisation and manufacturing data across most various systems, CoreTechnologie offers outstanding technologies for automatic data correction, feature-based conversion, geometry optimisation, quality control and long-time archiving as well as for visualisation of complex 3D models. The software components for software manufacturers of the most different CAX applications are the company’s second leg.

The customer portfolio of CoreTechnologie comprises more than 400 companies from the automotive, aerospace, engineering and consumer goods industry who are in many cases the quality leaders in their relevant segment.