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3D_Evolution: da Luglio disponibile la versione 4.0 SP2


Create exploded views of your models with the new “Assembly Animation” tool: The assembly's components can be spread out to show how they fit together when assembled.
Conversion of standard holes.
Computation of wetted area.
Improvement of the reading report.
Easy access to each tool with the new Search command (accessible with Ctrl+F).
3D_Evolution supports comparison of geometric differences of only the first model as compared to the second. It ignores differences of the second model as compared to the first.
3DPDF model comparison report list and automatically zoom to each problem zone.
Explore inside your 3D models in perspective mode.
3D_Evolution, 3D_analyzer and EDM are now available in Korean language.

Enterprise Data Manager:
Improve stability of the software.
BatchManager: monitoring of ctsi is available in a command line.

Add filter by attributes,
Improve custom views error display.

Reading Catia V5 R26 files.
Reading SolidWorks 2016 files.
Reading Creo 3.0 M090 files.
Reading captures in Catia V5, Step and Jt files and export to Step, Jt and PDF.